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Only pharmacies, hospitals should provide marijuana: Calgary police
By Jeremy Nolais Metro Calgary
February 28 / 2013

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Dana Larsen - Sensible BC posted his comments at Metro Calgary already. (March 1 / 13)

Keith Fagin comments posted in the Metro Calgary comments section. See below:


Scientific evidence:

Cannabis is proven to be a much safer recreational drug then alcohol.
Drug studies conclude current beer and wine regulations is clearly a much better way to treat cannabis then prohibition.
Prohibition of cannabis causes much more harm then consuming

No need to just take my word for it either.

Google Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, “Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy”
Released over ten years ago now! Sept. 2002 no less!

Now keep in mind the Calgary Police Service knows about the clear scientific evidence.

When will enough harm created by prohibition be enough for the Calgary Police Service? When will they actually become responsible adults at the very least and speak about the real truths (scientific evidence)! No of course not! Sadly war (DRUG WAR) is bigger budgets, bigger police gangs and much more brutal control over us all. Law enforcement has become a very powerful organization that does use our own tax dollars to lobby for even stronger prohibitions, even for some of the most weak and vulnerable people. The sick and dying no less! Easy pickings, low hang fruit? Easier to arrest and cheaper to house in prison then the violent real criminals!

The most used lame excuse by law enforcement is it is a federal issue and they only enforce the laws. Complete nonsense of course. Yet again they are real quick to lobby the federal government for even stronger prohibitions for some of the most weak and vulnerable people. Easy pickings.

So I ask where is law enforcements integrity and honesty that they so like to loudly proclaim?

This is why law enforcement does not get respect because they don’t earn it nor do they deserve it of course.


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