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Alcohol advertising is still encouraged and cannabis advertising is very strictly forbidden.
It was not that long ago the Kokanee beer advertising promoted you will be popular with the pretty people crowd and have much more fun consuming their beer products.
Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney ("end the war on fun".) is now allowing liquor consumption at Alberta day-use parks.

#UCP leader and now Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney’s culture and tourism critic says legalizing marijuana could have ‘astronomical’ consequences, MLA Ron Orr is worried that legalizing marijuana could send Canada down a slippery slope into communism.

Compare cannabis deaths in all recorded history is zero to alcohol,
The average number of Canadians hospitalized for conditions entirely caused by alcohol in 2016–2017 grew over the previous year, from 212 to 217 a day. Of all avoidable deaths in Canada, the proportion from conditions 100% attributable to alcohol grew from 2.7% in 2001 to 3.8% in 2015.


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