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This years Global Marijuana March had 5 speakers and 4 were women Debbie Fagin, Lisa Mamakind Kirkman, Tamara Cartwright and Nadine Bews. The usual sponsors Bongs and Such, Grass Roots, Hemp Roots, The Next Level and a important new addition was Bob Erb 4 Herb.

Documented scientific evidence, glass art, t-shirts, caps, buttons, stickers, helium filled green Calgary 420 balloons, magazines and much more was on hand for the crowd attending this year. The number of people attending was way lower then past years excluding 2012 when the cold, wet, windy weather did have a negative affect on attendance. This years promotion efforts were limited to only 2 weeks

Norml Canada and Norml Women’s Alliance of Canada both had representative's attending and speaking. The Norml Canada banner lead the march this year with volunteers proudly holding the banner up on stage and during the march.

Global TV attended and the evening news broadcast was very positive with all the signs and the messages about being responsible adults and responsible politicians will make for safer communities!

Hardsparkle Sinsemilla crew were on hand after their adventure to Ottawa 420 where they posed on stage with Precious Chong for photos.
Hardsprakle Sinsemilla crew

A very interesting note was we won a battle we have fought (campaigned) for years for many public events in this city. No Calgary Police Service (CPS) what so ever for the the first time for all our public events in Calgary. The CPS were contacted and informed about the event as is done with all our public events.

2010 was the last year the City of Calgary send us a letter about a bylaw would not allow our events. The peaceful events have always gone ahead despite Calgary city hall politicians years of attempts to deny our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 2011 there was another noticeable shift in Calgary city policy when I did not receive the usual bylaw letter and the city had steel tables with attached chairs and shade umbrellas brought out earlier then usual to the city plaza area for our spring events no less. City hall security made sure to point out to me the tables were brought out early for us.

City of Calgary bylaw letter 2009. City of Calgary bylaw letter 2010.

Picture gallery here.

YouTube videos here and another here.


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